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Summer is certainly heating up this year and so is web design season. Web designs have become more and more creative, and this summer there are some web design trends to look out for. Ntw Designs, an advanced web design company has provided a list of summer’s top web design hits. Read more and get inspired below!

Web Design Hits of Summer

1-Peach, Light Purple, Soft Blue, Rose Pink. Soft colors are totally in style this summer. Website visitors have been found to be attracted more to softer colors than simple plain web colors. The colors listed above, are some of the most popular colors to use on a website layout or color scheme.

2-Take of Heavy Elements. This summer, its time to make a website just a bit lighter! Removing all the heavy elements from a website will make the page extremely lighter and SEO friendly. It is recommended to take out the large embedded widgets, heavy slideshows, and auto-playing audio. The lighter, the better and more summer friendly!

3-Company Qualified Design. Having a company qualified web design can only be built successfully by a web design company. Businesses are not all programmers, designers, or SEO experts. Therefore, it is a great idea to let an experienced expert take care of the web stuff.

4-Long Page Design. A long web page layout along with a long scrolling preference is certainly popular and will be one of the best hits to come this summer. Longer layouts have much more room for design and endless creativity.

5-Wide Auto-Playing Videos. Large auto-playing videos will be certainly making summer just a bit more enticing! Wide videos make a web page seem even more active and uplifting.

Use the 5 hits listed above to make your web design even more creative and interesting this summer!

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